AgStar Ltd. Bridging The Gap

Twenty years of experience working with sprayers and their owner/operators has taught me that knowing how to use new technology, is just as important as what technology to adopt, and when to adopt it. A constant in the application industry is the drive for perfection. This can be boiled down to the Right Place, Right Product, Right Time. This grossly oversimplifies what it takes to be a successful steward of crops and the environment. There can be countless other variables that dictate the outcome of any pass across a field and there will always be compromises. It may be difficult to identify them all, never mind being able to control them. AgStar Ltd. was created to reduce the risk of adopting new technologies, smooth out learning curves, and identify and facilitate adoption of new technologies to control or mitigate the challenging variables in crop protection.  AgStar  is focused on bridging the gap between modern application technologies and their successful implementation. If you have any questions about any of AgStar's solutions or simply want to discuss your spraying challenges I look forward to hearing from you.


Mike Wengryn

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