Compact Fan Low Drift Xtra Coarse


Flow Rate: 0.2gpm Yellow


For drift sensitive applications especially suited for systemic and soil applied herbicides you can be confident in choosing the CFLD-XC as your drift reduction nozzle of choice. 

The CFLD-XC Nozzles produce a THICK pattern from front to back which can help to improve coverage and reduce drift in shear winds.

The CFLD-XC provides UC-VC Droplets from 20-90 PSI With a pattern optimized for today's nozzle spacings.


Developed specifically for use with PWM systems but also suitable for traditional systems.

Drops with a constant size (XC) from 3 to 8 bar to combine optimum leaf surface coverage with high drift reduction.

They can directly replace Flat Fan nozzles.

Single inlet Pre-Orifice can be fully removed for easier servicing.

Made of Acetalic Resin, a polymer ensuring high chemical stability and an exceptionally long useful life.

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