1.5" Oval Gear Flow Meter with Remote Display




The OGFM40-RD Flow meter is designed to accurately and consistently measure agricultural chemicals of all viscosities and formulations without calibration adjustments from product to product. The design of this flowmeter does not require straight plumbing runs to and from the meter. The remote display allows for great installation flexibility and convenience. The remote display is battery powered and provides flow rate, resettable batch and totalizer along with a lifetime cumulative non resettable totalizer. The display can display can be used with the following units L - m3 - UKGAL - USGAL - UKbbl –USbbl - OILbbl

Flow Meter Key Specifications 

 Flow Rates: 2-66gpm

Port size 1.5"fpt

Max operating pressure: 1500psi

Accuracy: +/-0.5%

Repeatability: +/-0.03%

Operation Temp: -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F)


Construction Details

Body: Aluminum


Gears: PPS

Weight: 20lb

Please See Photos for Dimensions

 Installation notes

The OGFM40-RD will work well with 1" or larger lines. Straight runs before and after the meter are not required. The unit should be install in a 90° plane (not laying on its back or front) Either horizontally or vertically. There are pre-tapped mounting holes on the back of the flow meter. Care should be taken to minimize any air flowing through the lines. If there are any solids in the products to be metered a 100micron filter should be installed before the flowmeter. The flow meter does not require a power supply. The battery powered remote display comes with a 5 Meter cable and can be mounted where convenient. Flow meter should be rinsed out well when changing products or before periods of inactivity.


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