Orion Flow Meter 1.5" With Display

HyproSKU: 4621BA41414

Size: 1 inch Male threads 10-200Lpm 2.6-53gpm


Also Available without display

See Spec sheet attached for Flow and pressure Specifications

Can be used to replace the flow meter on your sprayer. Please contact AgStar for sizing and harness information.

New digital technology converts fluid ion flow into gpm/lpm, virtually making mechanical flowmeters obsolete.These precise flowmeters work by utilizing sensors to relay pulse signals and converting them into gpm/lpm readings.The Visual-Flow flowmeter, with touch pad, displays instant flow reading for quantity of fluid filled.

No mechanical moving parts
• Advanced technology at an affordable price
• Performance independent from fluid density and viscosity
• Low sensitivity to turbulence
• Wide variety of flows for use in diverse applications
• High precision, typical error is 0.5%
• Pulse output is 0-12 volts, max. consumption of 300 mA (milliamps)
• Accuracy and precision saves chemical throughout the life of the
• Working pressure up to 580 psi (40 bar) (see Spec sheet  in photos for model specs)
• Integrates with existing rate controllers
• AMP® Super Seal™ connection

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