The Tire Grabber

2800 to 4000lb capacity depending on model

•   Handles 24" - 92" diameter tires dependent on model

•   Manual swivel, swing(4000lb models) and rotate tires


•   Maximum Continuous Operating Pressure: 3000 PSI

Larger equipment needs larger tires, safely handling and changing tires is a dangerous job no matter what equipment is on hand. Unless that equipment is The Tire Grabber.

Farms, tire shops and equipment dealers are now handling, changing, and storing more tires than ever. Every operation has their own tire change methods. Most are labour intensive and involve risk to labourers and the tires. The patent pending Tire Grabber was engineered to make tire changes safe and fast. It also easily manipulates tires for safe storage. Check out the video's below to see the Tire Grabber in action.


    • Three points of contact maintain control over the tire in all situations. It Even fits under fenders.
    • Built right and engineer certified 
    • Securely Lift, lower, tilt, and rotate the tire into position without putting labourers at risk 4000lb models also swing
    • electric rotation also available on AC  models
    • Store tires laying flat to minimize risk of unexpected movement
    • The Tire Grabber is built solid to withstand the rigours of a farm or busy shop environment.
    • The inventor and owner of The Tire Grabber oversees the production quality of each unit
    • One year warranty against manufacturers defects.
    • The tire grabber can be mounted to just about any machine with hydraulic capacity.
      • A universal skid steer attachment plate is included in the price. 
      • The tire grabber can be purchased without attachment plate to mount on a tractor, telehandler, etc.

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