100 mesh guardian/GAT strainer snap in strainer

HyproSKU: TS02-100



100 mesh, poly, Snap in nozzle filter for GAT (Guardian Air Twin) and original Guardian (GRD) Nozzles

GRD Screen Recommendation-100 mesh (TS02-100) 

.01 gpm-Orange, .015 gpm Green, .02 gpm Yellow, .025 gpm Purple, .03 gpm Blue

GAT Recommendation-100 mesh (TS02-100)

.015 gpm Green, .02 gpm Yellow, .025 gpm Purple, .03 gpm Blue, .035 gpm Cranberry, .04 gpm Red,

GRD Screen Recommendation-50 mesh (TS02-50)

.04 gpm red, .05 gpm brown, .06gpm grey, .08 gpm, white

GAT Recommendation-50 mesh (TS02-50)

 .05 gpm Brown, .06 gpm grey, .08 gpm White

Please see photo for sizing and recommended applications

We Recommend using aTS01-XX Strainers for the guardian Air Family (GA)


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