12vdc Electric roller pump Max 6.8gpm at 60psi

HyproSKU: 4001N-E2H




12VDC Powered 4 Roller Pump.

Viton Seals and Super Rollers, NI Resistant

With Engine running and supplied with 13.5v this pump can do:

6.8gpm at 60psi (36amps) and 8.5gpm at 40psi (22.3amps)

(please see chart in photos for full details)


This pump is suitable for smaller sprayers where a PTO, hydraulic or gas pump is not practical. It is also a nice retrofit for users that want more capacity than a 12volt diaphragm pump can provide on their 3 point hitch, UTV, or estate sprayer. 

This pump can also be useful in building a continuous rinse system for sprayers operating at lower flows while providing good pressure for running rinse nozzles.



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