3D Nozzle-Tip Only

HyproSKU: 3D100-05

Volume: 0.5gpm Brown


Non- Air Induction Design Suitable for PWM Systems at 30hz PWM operating below 30hz all nozzles should point in the same direction.


Designed in partnership with Syngenta using wind tunnel research and more than 10 years of agronomic field trials

Proven to deliver up to a 10% increase in pre-emerge weedcontrol compared to a conventional flat fan (Syngenta UK Trials - 0.6 l/ha Liberator (diflufenican+ flufenacet) + 4 l/haDefy (Prosulfacarb) applied November 2015)

Creates the optimum droplet size for coverage, fewer droplets bounce off or drift away
60-75% drift reduction compared to flat fan nozzles, achieving 2 Star LERAP rating at specific nozzle size/pressure combinations

Inclined spray is designed to be installed alternating forward and backward on boom to provide 3-dimensional coverage on vertical targets such as grass weeds, soil clods and broad leaved canopies

PWM compatible; Install 3D nozzles facing the same direction when using with PWM systems at less than 30 Hz

FastCap version utilizes the SnapLock cap technology, reducing installation torque requirement by 73% (Internal testing - standard FastCap versus SnapLock cap)

Can Also be ordered Nozzle only





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