9306C-HM5C-B Solution Pump John Deere AN206042 Replacement

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-Direct Replacement for John Deere AN206042 with Life Guard Silicone Carbide Seals.

-AN206042 is used on all 4730, 4830, 4720, and 4710 Serial Numbers ending above 4000

-See other variations for Flanged, Stainless Steel, and Force Field wet Seal Variations

Hydraulic motor drive (for open center, closed center and load-sensing systems)
- Port sizes: 2" NPT inlet, 1-1?2" NPT outlet; 220 x 220 (U) Universal flange available
- Max. fluid temperature: 140?F/60?C
- Available in cast iron and 316 stainless steel for extended pump life
- Impeller: Nylon (cast iron models); polypropylene (stainless steel models); (GTX available)
- Motor: internal gear gerotor
- Hydraulic ports: 1?2" NPT inlet, 3?4" NPT outlet
- Max. motor psi: 3000 (bar: 207)
- Pump seals:?Life Guard silicon carbide
- Life Guard seals are the industry standard on OEM equipment
- Hydraulic motor seal: double-lip Teflon? and case drain available
- Weight: 33 lbs./15 kg


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