CFAT- Compact Fan Air Tilt


Flow Rate: 0.15gpm Green


If you like the performance and droplet profile of the Ultra low drift but were concerned with two smaller orifices vs. one larger orifice this nozzle will be right in your wheel house. For those of you that are a fan of the Guardian Air but would like something that maintains a coarse droplet into higher pressures the Air Stubble Jet is worth taking a look at.

Air Induction Nozzle with 13 degree tilted (forward or backward) spray with 110 degree pattern width

This nozzle will produce coarse to Very Coarse droplets from 30 to 90 psi.

The Air Stubble Jet features a plug resistant single orifice, large air inlets, and an easy to clean two piece design. 

-13 degree angled spray improves penetration the Air Stubble Jet can be positioned to spray forward, backward, or alternating directions depending on application goals and general spray conditions.

-Excellent nozzle for small weeds in pre-seed and in crop applications where stubble may limit coverage

-Made of Durable Delrin and only 18mm in height to minimize nozzle damage and long wear life

-95 degree spray width 

-The Air Stubble Jet works with standard ISO flat fan nozzle caps. Cap00-

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