Air Twin-ATP


Flowrate/ISO Colour: Blue 0.3gpm


The ATP has a pattern spread forward/Backward of 30°/30°  and is an Air induction Nozzle designed for optimized deposition and canopy penetration.  The ATP has two “thick” fan patterns spraying forward and back. It produces a mixture of droplets sizes and is moderately drift resistant.  The ATP is suitable as a high coverage nozzle for vertical targets or complex canopies in fungicide, herbicide, or insecticide use. As with all twin nozzles they will be most effective at an optimal boom height as close to 20" as possible on a 20" nozzle spacing.

The ATP  has a compact design and no internal o-rings or other replaceable parts and can be disassembled for easy maintenance.

Uses Standard ISO Slot Nozzle Caps


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