Boom Flush Valve Kit-18 Ends- 1" Lines-3 way




This kit will work with 1" boom lines that have male 1" NPT threads. Also included in the kit is two 3/4 inch male to 1" male adapters to allow the valves to be installed on the centre boom section of John Deere 4700's to 4830's.

Why Should This Be Put On My Sprayer?

Most carryover damage and clean out problems can be traced to product that gets built up in boom ends. Flush valves when used properly and regularly will help to prevent crop damage due to carryover and contamination.

The best solution to build up issues is either Express End Caps or a recirculating boom system. However sometimes time, cost, and simplicity win out that is where this kit is a star.

What are some design features of this kit?

-Three way valves direct rinse water down rather than out keeping the sprayer boom cleaner and free of contamination.

-The Three way valve design is more compact than that of a two way valve with an elbow attached for greater ability to fit tight spots.

-Polyacetal Valves will continue to look good for years without any corrosion and are rated at 232psi.

What are some rinsing tips for using this kit?

-If you have a flow restriction valve on your boom supply plumbing open it up all the way prior to rinse out so you get the highest water volume and pressure possible for flushing the booms

-Flush one boom section at a time to ensure adequate flow and pressure for an effective flush

-If you have them on the sprayer you have to use them! Adding ball valves at the end of the boom increases dead end space. More dead end space is more room for product buildup. It is recommended that the boom be flushed daily. At the very least crack the valves open for flushing the boom every time products are changed.

What is included?

QTY-19- One inch 3 way valves. Two per pipe section (9 pipe sections) plus one spare.

QTY-18- One inch plugs. Used to cap off the horizontal valve outlet to ensure flushed solution can only exit down.

QTY-2- 3/4 to 1 inch nipple adapters for use with John Deere 4700, 4710, 4720, 4730, 4830 sprayers.

I have more or less boom sections or a different plumbing size are there other kits?

-Please contact us for a custom built packages. We hope to add more configurations soon




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