Compact Fan Air Nozzle


Flow Rate: 0.10gpm Orange


If you are looking for an air induction nozzle that will keep your crop protection products on target, is resistant to plugging, and will leave a few extra dollars in your pocket have a look at the Compact Fan Air. The CFA produces Coarse to Very Coarse droplets at operating pressures of 35-100 psi. The large air filled droplets burst upon impact to improve impact and efficacy. Available in a 0.1gpm size for lower speed pull-type or lower water volume applications.

Use with Standard ISO Cap 00

110° Spray Angle
Large droplets containing a high amount of air ensuring larger coverage of leaf surfaces.
They can directly replace Flat Fan nozzles
Single metering Orifice and easy to clean design
Made of molded Delrin®, a polymer ensuring high chemical stability and an exceptionally long useful life.
ENTAM and ZNT certified

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