Compact Fan Air Ultra


Flow Rate: Orange 0.10 gpm


If you are looking for an air induction nozzle that will provide wider application windows and peace of mind in drift sensitive areas the CFAU is a solid performer. The CFAU is designed to run at higher pressures with 35 PSI the lowest recommended operating pressure without efficacy concerns. Optimal pressures are 50psi and up. The CFAU produces Very Coarse droplets moving to a coarse droplet at higher psi. The large air filled droplets burst upon impact to improve impact and efficacy. Available in a 0.1gpm size for lower speed pull-type or lower water volume applications or to keep pressures high.


Uses Standard CAP00 or WIlger lug Iso cap . Can also be used in a Twin cap configuration

110° Spray Angle
Large droplets containing a high amount of air ensuring larger coverage of leaf surfaces.
They can directly replace Flat Fan nozzles
Single metering Orifice and easy to clean design
Made of molded Delrin®, a polymer ensuring high chemical stability and an exceptionally long useful life.
ENTAM and ZNT certified

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