Duo React Nozzle Control System

HyproSKU: DRRS120P

Machine: JD R-Series 120ft


Take command of your spray applications. Add flexibility to maintain or change spray quality on the fly without sacrificing the performance of air induction nozzles. Duo React provides automatic nozzle control that allows for the ultimate combination in flexibility and coverage. Duo React automatically switches between nozzles to maintain consistent spray quality or provide a choice of spray quality. Duo React is compatible with all nozzles including Air Induction. Using nozzles that produce droplets with air in them means larger drift resistant droplets, more droplets per volume applied, and better adhesion to the target.

* Additional parts may be needed to complete the kit for different machines

Duo React Info Sheet


  • Ultra Fast Nozzle on and off times
  • Reduce off target application
  • Superior coverage and drift control of Air filled droplets over a wide range of speeds
  • Highly configurable
  • Suitable for Variable Rate
  • Affordable Nozzle control Technology
  • Stand Alone Controller Works With Most Sprayers on the Market without replacing or modifying existing controllers

All components to build a complete DUO REACT System are in stock. Place your order and kit will be ready to ship within two days or contact us discuss delivery, payment, and installation.

email: sales@agstar.ca for any machine configurations not listed or for more information on Duo React or call 1-403-740-5194

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