GEO System 200 Digital Tank Level

GeolineSKU: TGEO8408006-200LVL1



Kit includes one weather proof monochrome display that reads out in Metric and US units. Cabling, Bracket, and sensor with bulkhead mounting system is also included in the kit. 

Available for Pre-order Product Expected to Arrive Early December 2018

– Easy and quick installation and connection; 
– Up to 4 sensors managing; 
– Compact and easy to install; 
– Large, backlit LCD display, legible in all lighting conditions; 
– Multilingual menu; 
– Simplified work parameter entry; 
– Configurable units of measurement: Metric/US; 
– Visual and audible alarms; 
– Integrated diagnostic tool. 

- Self-stop automatic settable function while refilling (pump stop).
This function is settable only by purchasing the cable separately.

 We have limited time testing this system so cannot speak confidently on its accuracy under all conditions, but results were positive in limited testing. Calibration is done manually but also has an automatic option that requires a connected flow meter. Please See the Owners Manual for complete details

Also please note that the larger size and M28 Internal threads on the sensor  and G (BSP) 1" threads on the bulkhead adapter make it more difficult to cheat on the install without actually cutting into the tank and using the included bulkhead mounting system on the sensor. (see photos)


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