High Flow Express End Cap with Flush Valve Kit

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Does Not Include 17mm High Flow Nozzle Body or 1/2" Stem Elbow

Fits all 1 inch boom lines with 17mm port size for nozzle body stems which are typically found on John Deere Factory Stainless Steel Boom Lines.

Conventional boom designs trap air in the boom causing a delay from the close signal to when spray actually stops. Pentair's Hypro Express nozzle body end caps include a passive feature that eliminates the trapped air by allowing the air to escape through the nozzle body. When the boom is completely filled with liquid, the nozzle body's diaphragm check valves (DCV) activation time is greatly improved by as much as 85%.

The Express nozzle body end cap supports todays practice of Precision Agriculture by enabling standard nozzle bodies to have much quicker reaction times in response to GPS boom shut-off control signals, turning off spray quickly and decisively on overlaps, end rows, and boundary areas.

Express End Cap with flush valve benefits

 - Eliminates trapped air from the boom by allowing air to escape through the nozzle body, reducing nozzle turn-off time by 85%

  • Eliminates dead-ends of pipe where chemical residue can build-up
  • Easy to use valve  provides a cleanout port for easy boom flushing for all operators
  • 1/2" PTC fitting can be used to route flushed material back to tank or centralized collection

Best Practices

The Express end cap has proven itself over many acres to provide effective relief of trapped air in the boom that leads to reduced performance. The express end cap has also proven itself as a cleaner, lower maintenance solution to traditional boom end caps the addition of the express cleanout valve adds piece of mind an easy way to ensure boom hygiene.

-Open any throttling valves to on the boom supply line for full flow

-Rinse boom section by section using 100psi of pressure

-Open Clean out Valve and flush each boom

-Remove end cap plug or use clean out valve for inspection from time to time or after rinsing to ensure that seal integrity is intact.

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