Honda GX 160 Aluminum Transfer Puimp with Frame

HyproSKU: 1543A-160HSP



259 gpm Aluminum Transfer Pump 2" x 2" Powered by Honda GX 160 With Frame Powered by field-proven Honda engine Durable impeller and diffuser for long life EPDM mechanical seal and inlet valve for longevity and reliability in dewatering applications Available in 2” and 3” models to fit common hose sizes (NPT inlet/outlet) All models come with a basket strainer and hose adapters Supported with a one-year Hypro warranty on the Pump and Honda Warranty on the Engine Pump and engine repair parts available for easy servicing MATERIALS Housing: Aluminum ( suitable for applications of flood water removal, lawn and garden watering and pond filling) Impeller & Diffuser: Cast Iron

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