Hypro Ultra Lo-Drift Max

HyproSKU: FC-ULDM130-025

Flow Rate and Color: 0.25gpm Purple


Air Induction PWM Approved. You Have drift to Control whether it is with Conventional or PWM Applications the Ultra Low Drift Max is your ticket to spray

When spraying Plant Protection Products, where your droplets land is key.

Droplets can drift away and be gone with the wind. These droplets could end up in places they’re not supposed to be in. Each chemical droplet needs to be accounted for and well utilized.

Help minimize the impact on the surrounding environment. You need a dependable nozzle solution that will help decrease your application drift and your worries considerably.

Reduce drift by up to 95% with Hypro Ultra Lo-Drift Max Nozzles.

Use at a wide range of operating pressures and maintain a consistent droplet size

Reduce installation torque requirements with FastCap version featuring SnapLock cap

Avoid breakage when hitting crops or the ground with its compact and robust footprint Leverage for post-emergence herbicide applications where drift reduction is critical


FC-Fast Cap Includes Nozzle, Twist Lock Cap, 50-Mesh Screen, and Seal with Storage plug

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