MR110 Combo-Jet by Wilger

WilgerSKU: MR110-015

Flow Rate: 0.15gpm Green


COMBO-JET®  spray tips use a patented ‘all-in-one’ design, so the cap, tip, O-ring and strainer all snap into one piece.

The design makes it safer and easier to handle, and Combo-Jet® strainers also are 40% longer than other brands, so they plug less.

Every series of spray tip is compatible with all PWM systems.

  • The MR series Wilger’s 2nd stage drift reduction series, producing great coverage, with very significant drift reduction.
  • The MR series tip-caps reduce ~75% of driftable fines, compared with the same application with an ER series tip/cap.
  • Ideal for applications which require good coverage, but require high levels of drift reduction. (i.e. Systemic Herbicides)

If you are looking for a solid all around option for PWM Coverage and drift control at rates of 3-10usg per acre the Wilger MR110 is a nozzle to look at no matter what type of sprayer brand or nozzle body type you are using.

The MR110 used with PWM systems such as Exact Apply, Hawkeye, Aim Command, Evo, and Sharpshooter offers an excellent balance of drift control and coverage especially in the 03 and 04 sizes with the ability to produce C to VC patterns at pressures from 25-80 psi. The larger sizes offer excellent drift control and consistent patterns for higher volume applications.

Wilger Combo-Jet 110° Nozzle Charts USG/AC

Wilger Tip Wizard Online Nozzle Selection Tool

Wilger Combo-Jet Nozzle Charts L/HA



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