Shurflo Bypass Pump, 12 VDC, 1.8 GPM (6.8 LPM) and 50 PSI (3.4 bar) maximum

SHURfloSKU: 8000-543-250



The 8000 series internal bypass pumps 12 VDC (8000-543-250) achieve a max of 1.8 gpm (6.8 lpm) and a max of 60 psi (4.1 bar). 8000 series internal bypass pumps are ideal for applications where an automatic demand switch is not desired. Pumps with bypass will continue to run without damage once the bypass pressure is reached. -Self-priming up to 8 vertical feet (2.4m) -Designed for heavy-duty spraying and fluid transfer applications -Chemical-resistant materials -Can run dry without damage -Internal bypass

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