Spray Frost Ultra

CGSKU: WFU208/100

Quantity: 208L Drum


Spray Frost Ultra is Unique among other R.V. and Sprayer Winterizer Fluids in that it does not contain Ethanol or Ethylene Glycol It is a ready to use pre-mix of Propylene Glycol and water.

We know there are less expensive bulk R.V. Antifreeze Solutions available. There is a reason why they are cheaper and why we don't sell them. Spray Frost Ultra is Superior in Protecting your pump, Valves, Seals, and components for a longer life and less in season downtime with lower repair costs.

Propylene Glycol is superior to Ethanol Glycol that is found in many of the R.V. and Sprayer Winterizer Fluid Blends you find at equipment deales and farm supply stores. Plus it is much safer to use than Ethylene Glycol while having similar corrosion inhibiting properties.

Propylene Glycol has the following Benefits.

-Greater Corrosion inhibition  vs ethanol blends due to the higher concentrations of Propylene Glycol for longer life of pump housings and metal components

-Non Toxic to Humans and Animals 

-Less flammable, lower odour

-Lubrication and longer life for all rubber components especially seals

Available in Convenient 208L/55usg Drums or 1000L Tote. Clean matching Containers brought in at time of purchase will receive full deposit credit.

Blended for -50 deg Celsius Burst Protection -30 deg Freeze protection


Pricing does not include refundable drum deposit of $85 or $250 refundable Tote Deposit. Bring your own container to trade to avoid container deposit fee.

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