Spray Frost Ultra Winterizer Fluid

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Premix of water and Propylene Glycol

Spray Frost Ultra is 100%Propylene Glycol/Water it is safer to use and is a superior product to our Spray Frost 25/75 Blended Winterizer Fluid for long term use and optimal component life.

-Lubrication and longer life for all rubber components especially seals

-Greater Corrosion inhibition due to the higher concentration of Propylene Glycol for Longer life of pump housings and steel components

Available in 208L/55usg Drums or 1000L Tote

Blended for -50 deg Celsius Burst Protection -30 deg Freeze protection

Pricing does not include refundable drum deposit of $85 or $250 refundable Tote Deposit

Does not qualify for Free Shipping

Please call for discounted pricing on larger volumes.