Spray Frost Ultra Winterizer Fluid Concentrate


Quantity: 10L Jug


Spray Frost Ultra now available in easier to ship concentrated packages. This is a 100% concentration of Propylene Glycol and Dye that can be pre-mixed to your winterization requirements.

Spray Frost Ultra has natural corrosion inhibitors and lubricants to stop corrosion and prevent rubber seals and hoses from drying out.

Spray Frost Ultra can be saved and re-used however it is important to check  your concentration levels each year.

Spray Frost Ultra is much less flammable than RV antifreeze containing ethanol and is more user friendly in odour and contact with skin.

Spray Frost Ultra is much less toxic to pets and livestock than winterizer blends containing ethanol if sprayed out in an area where animals may come in contact with it.

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