Spray Frost Winterizer Fluid

CGSKU: WF1000/25/75

Container Type and Volume: 1000L Tote


SOLD OUT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE PLEASE CAL 403-740-5194 for more details

Blend of Propylene Glycol to lubricate seals and hoses along with natural corrosion inhibiting properties blended with ethanol creates and effective and economical blend to protect your sprayer.

-208L/55usg Drums or 1000L Tote

-50 deg Celsius Burst Protection

-30 deg Freeze protection

Pricing does not include refundable drum deposit of $85 or $250 refundable Tote Deposit

Does not qualify for Free Shipping

Select Local Pick up when ordering online or Please Call 1-403-740-5194 to place your order and arrange for pick up or shipping

Additional Discounts available on orders over 1500L

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