SR80 Combo-Jet Nozzles by Wilger

WilgerSKU: SR80-01

Flow Rate: 0.1gpm Orange


COMBO-JET  spray tips use a patented ‘all-in-one’ design, so the cap, tip, O-ring and strainer all snap into one piece. (screen Sold Separate)

The design makes it safer and easier to handle, and Combo-Jet® strainers also are 40% longer than other brands, so they plug less.

Every series of spray tip is compatible with all PWM systems, and the drift reduction for each series does not rely on air induction or air eduction to work perfectly.

  • The SR series Wilger’s 1st stage drift reduction series, producing excellent coverage, with significant drift reduction.
  • The SR series tip-caps reduce ~50% of driftable fines, compared with the same application with an ER series tip/cap.
  • Ideal for applications which require fine coverage, but require significant drift reduction. (i.e. Contact Herbicides/Fungicides)

The SR80 from Wilger is an excellent choice for coverage focused applications with responsible drift control. The higher volume SR80 sizes can be used alone or paired with smaller sizes in Double Down or WYE splitter applications where a mixture of droplet sizes may be desirable. 

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