Tiger Flex EPDM Black and Green Hose

KurritecSKU: TGFBG-300

Size: 3 inch


Tiger Flex EPDM Black and Green Hose is commonly used in agricultural, construction, and mining applications for water, light sludge, effluents or other liquids where chemical and “external” abrasion resistance is required (not designed for potable water or transfer of foodstuffs). It is a popular septic tank cleaning hose because it is lightweight, flexible, and very easily handled (even at low temperatures) and is typically not designed for abrasive transfer. Tiger Green is made with higher quality compounds for improved flexibility. Tests show that compared to other tier one manufacturer's competitive equivalent Tiger Green is up to 22% more flexible, especially in sub-zero weather! It is also light-in-weight and easy to handle, while its external polyethylene helix reduces dragging friction and permits this hose to be easily maneuvered on the ground.

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