DR110 Combo-Jet Nozzles By Wilger

WilgerSKU: DR110-015

Flow Rate: 0.15gpm Green


  • The DR series Wilger’s 3rd stage drift reduction series, producing good coverage, with exceptional drift reduction.
  • The DR series tip-caps reduce ~90% of driftable fines, compared with the same application with an ER series tip/cap.
  • Ideal for applications which value drift reduction over coverage.  Typically coverage is maintained by using higher application volumes. (i.e. Ground-Applied & Systemic Herbicides

For tight application windows and systemic and soil applied chemistries the DR is an excellent nozzle choice for drift reduction. Compatible with all PWM systems including Exact Apply

Wilger Combo-Jet 110° Nozzle Charts USG/AC

Wilger Tip Wizard Online Nozzle Selection Tool

Wilger Combo-Jet Nozzle Charts L/HA

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