Twin Fan Low Drift

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The TFLD by ASJ is PWM Compatible. It is a great nozzle for PWM Users looking for a Xtra Coarse to Very Coarse Droplet to go along with a directional and twin spray pattern.

Pattern Width: 110deg

Twin Spray Angle of Attack: 30deg Forward/30deg Backward

Optimal Pressure Range:30-60psi

Acceptable pressure range:24-115psi

Uses Round or Euro Cap:For Standard Lugs Cap01, For Wilger Lugs Use Wilger Round Cap, Can be used with Y splitter but Not with Twin Cap

The TFLD ensures good coverage and enhanced product penetration and settling.

• Made of molded Delrin®, a polymer ensuring high chemical stability and an exceptionally long useful life.

• Twin Fan Low Drift nozzles have the same rate as Twin Fan Standard nozzles but spray larger drops and therefore ensure reduced drift.

• Twin nozzles - two spraying points in one body.

• Suitable for boom spraying, especially onto potatoes, onions and grains.

• Filtration should be half the value of a standard nozzle.